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Short Experiences

Are you in Uganda for business? For school perhaps or on your way through? Then you probably already have a busy schedule. However it is a shame to visit Uganda and not see some of the beauty the country has to offer! Therefore, especially for you we have made a selection of quick and convenient trips and tours that you can easily fit in your schedule, either for a day during your weekend or an evening program during a week night. Don’t worry, if you have time, we have a truly African experience for you. Please contact us to let us know what we can do to make your trip memorable.

Adventure & Action

More then just a pretty city near to Kampala, Jinja is host to the source of the nile. Not only does this give you the opportunity to go for an exploration of the source of the Nile. It gives you the opportunity to really experience the river. White water rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, quad biking or mountainbiking are all possible. In other locations you can paraglide and abseil or even parachute jump. Just imagine the beautiful country side sliding by as you glide down back to earth.


Each fibre of Uganda is rich in culture but you do have to know where to look for it. In Kampala there are many dance groups, museums and activities that pay tribute to the Ugandan culture. Also other cities have their specific cultural centers and activities. We have excellent contacts that always manage to get you the best seats in the house, and to get that last minute reservation. Our favourite locations in Kampala include Ndere troupe, the craft markets and the Uganda museum.

Culinary & Going out

Kampala is a true cosmopolitan city which is also shown in its restaurants and nightlife. No matter the hour the city is teeming with life. Dance until the sun comes up in one of the many bars, and clubs or go to a poetry night or jam session to get that Ugandan flavour.

Do you want to eat your favourite food from home? Or do you want true Ugandan food? Both are readily available in Kampala. Let us know the cuisine that you enjoy and we will bring you to the best restaurant where you will feel at home.


There are many different ways to relax; swimming, going to a spa, walking next to lake Victoria or taking a quiet moment for yourself at your house of worship. No matter what makes you unwind we know a breath taking place to do it. Examples are a visit to Bujagali falls or Entebbe, or a luxury afternoon at rainforest lodge in Mabira forest with an exquisite lunch followed by a nature walk where you will be greeted by monkeys. After all the exercise you can relax next to the pool as you see the exotic birds fly in the jungle right next to you.


Feel like going shopping? Do it Uganda style! Owino market is the largest second hand clothing market in Africa. It is the major hub where all the second hand clothing from the USA, Europe and Asia finds its way to new homes. Come and see if you can find your old give away. If you are hungry Nakasero Market is the place to be. Home to many little stalls with fresh produce from all around Kampala it has a great variety in fruits, vegetables but also spices and herbs. Be prepared to bargain hard as they tend to inflate the prices when they see white faces. The total opposite can be found in Garden City; a breath of western world in a chaotic African city. Garden city was the first western style shopping mall. It is home to a large western oriented supermarket, salons, many boutique shops, restaurants and a cinema. → More