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About Peri- Urban Experiences

There should be enough prior communication and in-time arrangements between you and Mamaland for your tour to be effective and worthwhile. This is meant to avoid disappointments and sometimes embarrassments from the Parks or managers of other tour sites.

Peri- Urban Experiences

Sand Beaches

These are popular hiding places for people from the noise of Kampala and Entebbe town. The most popular one is the upscale Botanical Beach Gardens Entebbe. This is one of the oldest beaches in Uganda and its popular clientele is the urban elite. Situated 3 kms from Entebbe International Airport Botanical Beach is a real African hide out for couples and holiday makers. Other popular Beaches are Aero Beach Entebbe which is 1km from the airport. ....Read more

Ssese Islands in L.Victoria

Situated in the fresh waters of the Victoria, Ssese is a country with in a country. It’s a combination of many Islands within an Island far away from the mainland. This place offers a whole unique eco-tourism experience because of its enriched eco-system. The cool breeze from L.Victoria offers a favourable atmosphere to make you stay in Uganda longer than you had planned. ....Read more

The equator

The equator passes through the Pearl of Africa and if you are going to Mbarara from Kampala you’ll see monuments at Kayabwe TC on either side of the road marking the exact spot where it crosses latitude 00 as well as at Kikolongo TC in QENP. Whether you are driving from Kampala-Mbarara-Katungulu-Kasese or from Kampala-Fort Portal –Kasese-Mbarara these are visible features that can’t escape you eye as a tourist. ....Read more

Lake Bunyonyi Area

Experience a local touch by having an encounter with local Bakiga communities around this beautiful lake, as well as having a closer look at some of the captivating landscapes in the Western Rift Valley where this area lies. This is why it was referred to as 'Switzerland of Africa'. ....Read more

Igongo Cultural Centre

This is a new exploration in Uganda with a clear cut message that the Great Ankole culture is rich. As you drive from L. Mburo N.P, get value for your money by visiting this state of the art cultural Museum which showcases the rich culture of Ankole. ....Read more