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If your interested in mountaineering, then the (5,119m) high, snow covered Rwenzori Mountain, which is protected as Rwenzori Mountain national park and a World Heritage Centre-will offer you the unique experience you will savour for a lifetime. The mist-surrounded peaks provide stunning backdrops to this magnificent mountain. Ever since the Rwenzori became known to the world, its features have been going through tremendous changes. Today, the most visible and probably the most enduring as well as the fragile vegetation along the trails. It is not just the Rwenzoris alone that you can hike in Uganda as there is also the famous Mount Elgon National par, which straddles the Uganda-Kenya Frontier in Eastern Uganda. The park boundaries contain 1147 sq. km of mountain. Most of this area is covered with typical afro-montane vegetation, complete with giant groundsels and bamboo forest. It is prudent to note that many hikers find Mt. Elgon an exciting alternative to some of the fascinating climbs in East Africa. It has many of the same attractions, with milder climate and lower elevation. Climbing the peaks no special equipment or technical climbing experience. It is possible to reach the summit of the mountain in as little as three days, but a slightly longer visit will permit a more thorough exploration of all that Mt. Elgon has to offer.

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