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About Kampala Markets

Feel like going shopping? Do it Uganda style! Owino market is the largest second hand clothing market in Africa. It is the major hub where all the second hand clothing from the USA, Europe and Asia finds its way to new homes. Come and see if you can find your old give away. If you are hungry Nakasero Market is the place to be. Home to many little stalls with fresh produce from all around Kampala it has a great variety in fruits, vegetables but also spices and herbs. Be prepared to bargain hard as they tend to inflate the prices when they see white faces. The total opposite can be found in Garden City; a breath of western world in a chaotic African city. Garden city was the first western style shopping mall. It is home to a large western oriented supermarket, salons, many boutique shops, restaurants and a cinema.

Major Markets

Pocket- friendly markets

The busiest market in Kampala is Owino Market, which sprawls around the Nakivubo Stadium, near the taxi parks. Here you can find all sorts of goods for sale, but it is most popular with travellers for its wide range of second-hand clothes from Europe, Asia and the USA. Bargain hard, as they tend to raise the prices when mzungus (white people) are sniffing around.

Owino market is one of the largest in this region of Africa. The endless booths that line the chaotic alleys of Owino offer a mind-boggling array everything from homemade irons, to American hand-me-down-clothes with the Goodwill price tags still on then, to an amazing array of African foods, to any and everything else under the sun. Everything at Owinio starts cheap and gets cheaper with bargaining.

Nakasero market is a lot smaller and more pleasant than Owino, its popular for fresh organic fruit and vegetable from the country side.

Upscale markets

If you're in the market for souvenirs, check out the craft market on Buganda Road or the slightly larger crafts market behind the national theater near the Garden City complex. Also on Buganda Rd. across the street from the craft market you find a number of tailors if you are looking to have clothes sewn. And if you're tired from shopping the (upscale) cafe 1000 Cups of Coffee is a relaxing Mzungu hangout.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Owino is Garden City. Garden City is Kampala's upscale mall, and if you are in the market for an Internet cafe, a Forex bureau, coffee shop, an expensive pair of shoes, a western-style grocery store, a travel agent, a cinema, and more under the same roof, then Garden City is for you. Garden City can be a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Kampala. Similarly Nakumatt Oasis is next to Garden City and bit more upmarket.

Aside from Garden City, other western-style supermarkets include Shoprite Checkers (in Lugogo, on the Jinja road) and Uchumi (at Garden City) and Nakumatt at Oasis mall. Next door to the Shoprite is is another huge modern shop called Game which sells DIY stuff, camping chairs, torches, batteries etc. There is also a chicken and chips cafe, a souvenir shop, a couple of banks, a phone shop etc