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Investment Opportunities

Apart from tour and travel services, we’ve limited opportunities in internships. At TiAA, we offer internships in tour and travel operations and we can also attach you to Networth Consult Ltd which is our partner organization in the areas of public relations, customer care, marketing Administration and tailored refresher courses. Graduate and other interested people can take up these opportunities.


Uganda is among leading producers of coffee and bananas. It is also a major producer of tea, cotton, tobacco, cocoa, cereals, oilseeds (simsim, soya, sunflower, etc), fresh and preserved fruit, vegetables and nuts, essential oils, plants, orchids, flowers and sericulture (silk). Opportunities include commercial farming and value addition, as well as the manufacture of inputs and supply of agricultural machinery.


Uganda’s fish processing sector has expanded greatly in recent years and current export earnings are nearly US$100 million per year. Large fresh water expanses are home to a wide variety of fish products. Opportunities are available for fish farming and establishment of more fish processing factories on other lakes other than Lake Victoria. Uganda’s fish is a delicacy in Europe and has recently penetrated the US market.


With over 1.5 million hectares of rich forest vegetation, Uganda possesses abundant potential in areas like timber processing for export, manufacture of high quality furniture/wood products and various packaging materials.


Uganda’s manufacturing output has been expanding by more than 10% annually over the last eight years. Opportunities exist in virtually all areas ranging from beverages, leather, tobacco based processing, paper, textiles and garments, pharmaceuticals, fabrication, ceramics, glass, fertilizers, plastic / PVC, assembly of electronic goods, hi-tech and medical products.


Uganda is currently carrying out a survey of the potential of under exploited mineral deposits of gold, high grade tin, tungsten/wolfram, salt, beryllium, cobalt, kaolin, iron-ore, glass sand, vermiculite and phosphates (fertilizer). There are also significant quantities of clay and gypsum. Uganda provides special incentives to the mining sector with some capital expenditures being written off in full. Oil explorations have confirmed substantial amounts of oil, which brings with it numerous opportunities for investment.


Although significant efforts have been made to develop and rehabilitate the existing physical and non-physical infrastructure, potential investment opportunities still abound. Particularly, with the opening up of the ICT sector which had been under a duopoly arrangement, communications sector is open for investment. The energy sector, as well still requires further investment. With less than 10% of the mainstream capacity of 2,700 megawatts of power exploited.

Financial Services

Opportunities for investment exist for international multinational banking groups particularly promoting new products (i.e. Mortgage finance, venture capital, merchant banking and leasing finance) and also saving institutions, which propose to operate in rural areas. Insurance in particular is still a relatively young sector and offers several opportunities for investment.


The distinctive attraction of Uganda as a tourist destination arises from the variety of its game stock, unspoiled scenic beauty, wide range of bird species and numerous opportunities for mountain climbing and water sports such as a white water rafting. The opportunities in tourism range from constructing high quality accommodation facilities, operating tours and travel circuits to the development of specialized eco-tourism.

Printing and Publishing

In the printing and publishing sub-sector, opportunities exist for the printing of textbooks for schools. Currently, imports supply over 90% of Uganda’s textbook requirement (estimated at over U$7 million a year as at 2004).


• Secondary Education • Technical and Vocational Education • In-Service Specialized Training Programmes • Development of Computer Skills • Support Services for the Education Sector

Information Technology/ Electronics Sector

The ICT focus is initially confined to e-business exports on account of Uganda’s strategic geographic location in Africa. It has a convenient time zone location from the major consumers of ICT related services of -8 hours from USA and Canada, -3 hours from UK and +6 hours to Japan. These time zone differences provide a unique opportunity for Uganda to do business with Asia in the morning, and to transact with Europe and the Americas in the afternoon. In addition, Uganda’s trainable, English-speaking and cheap labour force can easily be turned into a cadre of skilled ICT technocrats to provide the necessary human resources for ICT growth.

Other opportunities in ICT include information and communication infrastructure, computer and related equipment hardware assembly, high level ICT training facilities on international standards, hardware repair training facilities, software development for export, setting up information technology virtual zones (ITVZ), setting up Internet service provider facilities in other parts of Uganda, etc.