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About Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Tracking is the major tourist activity in Bwindi, consisting of four gorilla groups currently available daily fro tourists. Gorilla tracking is an exciting but challenging experience. Therefore, one has to be physically fit for this exercise. The gorilla trekking experience starts at 8:30am local time. And time of tracking depends on where you are to find the groups of gorillas that you are allocated.

On taking gorilla safaris in Uganda, don't forget to bring with you the following in the packing list. • Earplugs for those who feel uncomfortable with jungle sounds. • Jungle shoes suitable for steep muddy slopes. • Carry a rain jacket because the park is often wet. • Insect repellant. • Rain gear. • Sunscreen lotion, a hat (as the weather is fickle).

Rules and Regulations for trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda. • Don’t drop litter in the park. • Keep distance of minimum 5 metres or 15 feet from the gorillas. • No eating or drinking near the gorillas. • Flash photography is not permitted. • In case of an emergency toilet, dig a hole of 30cm and fill it up after use. • You ought to stay as a tight group when near the gorillas. • No smoking near the gorillas. • Do not touch the gorillas. • Your group must be no more than 6 people and all at least 15 years old. • If you have a cold or an infectious disease, do not visit the gorillas. • Do not look at the gorillas directly into the eyes. • After or before the visit, keep your voices down until 200 metres away from the gorillas.

Scenes for Gorilla Trekking