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Career Guidance

Career counseling aims at linking university studies to the job market, thus helping students gain an awareness of the professional profiles and qualifications required within a job sector and at the same time helping them to identify their potentials and skills so that they can make optimal choices for their professional careers. You can receive career advice and assistance from Career Guidance and Job Placement office which offers the opportunity to enter the Networth database allowing users to avail themselves of useful information and services.

What does the Career Guidance and Job Placement office do?

It offers graduates, and students who are about to graduate, assistance in finding their place within the job market.

What services does it offer?

• Assistance in preparing an appropriate CV or résumé to be made available online.
• Information on job openings.
• Individual meetings and counseling (by appointment).
• Providing firms and enterprises names of graduates and their qualifications.
• Recruiting candidates for firms and enterprises looking for expertise.
• Monitoring employment results.
• Promoting and managing training programmes together with extra-curricular programmes for graduates and students about to graduate.