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About Bird watching

Uganda has more than half of Africa's bird species making it your ultimate birding destination. Uganda's favorable year-round climate which is warm and varying vegetation coupled with wetlands is the main reason why it is a favorite spot for a variety of bird species. The country has more than 1000 indigenous bird species in addition to those that seasonally migrate to take refuge here due to bad weather and harsh conditions in different parts of the world. Among some of the eye-catching bird species include shoebill stork, white napped pigeon, king fisher, falcons, eagles, black bee-eater, green-breasted pitta, and Karamoja apalis among others. The major birding spots in Uganda include Mabamba bay wetland, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mabira forest reserve, Budongo forest reserve, Murchison falls N.P, Queen Elizabeth national park, Semuliki National park and wildlife reserve, Kidepo Valley National Park and Kibale forest national park. These and so much more have high concentration of bird species and have been well optimized for birding with well laid out trail networks.

Scenes for Bird watching